Sunday, November 8, 2015

Honey Bees around the yard 11.8.15

When there is lots of stuff blooming I don’t see many bees on the plants in the yard…but when pickings get lean…here they come.

This is one of our Bottlebrush trees. There are two in the front yard and this one and two small ones in the backyard. The bush next to it is a Jathropa. The hives are behind them.


The Bottlebrush is humming with bees.

006cat least 4 on this bloom.


The Jathropa attracts bees all summer …for pollen.


It’s also a Butterfly favorite.


This is my Pagoda Bush….I have never seen bees on this till now…Swallowtail Butterflies love it.


It might be tricky with the long stamens but they’ve figured it out.

004c 005c

The Wild Asters are just starting to bloom back here…blooming along the canal down the road for a few weeks. My main stand still isn’t blooming so they will have something for later.


Whenever I find a plant the bees like I dig up a few and get them started back here. I forget the name of this blue fluffy plant but the bees seem to like it.


I only have a little of this but it grows wild through the tree farms.


Powder Puff bush….looks like raspberries then they fluff out.


This is another one I hardly ever see bees on…


The Pepperbush is done and the bushes down the road have passed also…the wild Asters grow throughout the tree farm and those that are not in full sun will still be blooming….after that…guess we wait till Dec and the Red Maple trees start blooming.


  1. Wow, what an array of lovely blooms you have! Life must be so much better for the honey bees lucky enough to live in Florida. You truly live in a garden of Eden. Thanks for posting that -- really enjoyed looking at all those gorgeous blooms!

    1. I worry about my bees not having enough food when buds get frosted...I go out early and hose everything down to get the frost off...don't have to worry for awhile. I am glad I don't have to worry about them for months as you do.


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