Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Honey Bees working Spiderwort 3.17.15

I planted these last year and they’ve come back very nicely. The Honey Bees take a lot of pollen from them.


This little gal already has a basket full.


They work very hard.


Their wings are just a blur.


This one is visiting the same group of flowers but she doesn’t have near as much pollen.


I took some of these out of the video…so they are not very clear.


Here’s another with a basket full. I wonder how much it weighs compared to the bees weight.


Watch the video and see how hard they work.

Every plant in my yard is “bee food”. No pesticides or herbicides…so most of it is weeds…but if it has flowers that the bees can benefit from…it stays.

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  1. I think so much like you. If the bees like a flower, then I make sure it is available, weed or not. Must pick up some spiderwort myself this spring. I love to sit near my hives and watch the girls haul in different colours of pollen. Thank's for sharing your pics and video.
    Cheers, Florence


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