Friday, March 6, 2015

Bee Box (Squirrel box) swarmed today 3.5.15

I did not think it would be long before this one swarmed. I looked out and the front was starting to fill up with bees. The “mutton chops” are usually only there in the morning and then the bees start foraging and they are gone.


I noticed them just as they were getting started.


and then the air slowly fills with bees.


The “mutton chops” are in the air now…


and then the sky fills up….


The Queen finds a spot and they all move in on her and settle down.


I set up a swarm catcher and then called my friend, Debbie, to see if George wanted me to catch them. She brought up one of his hive bodies and we set it up.  Watched for a few minutes then she went home. I came in to download the pictures and video…when I went back outside…they were gone.

Another video:

How do they know who stays and who goes?  Amazing.

The two Lang’s hives have not swarmed yet but they have two deep boxes for brood nest and have room to expand…. but they will.

George does want another hive so we’ll keep his box here and hope one of them finds it attractive.

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  1. Another dramatic event! I hope their scouts find a nice hollow tree with plenty of flowers nearby. Honey bees are amazing little creatures, aren't they? Wonder what the squirrel in your second pic was thinking? Perhaps hoping the old squirrel box might again have a vacancy.
    Cheers, Florence


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