Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Raccoons and Opossums 2.24.15

I’ve seen a momma Raccoon and 3 little ones come in the yard off and on for about a month. Lately 2 have been coming in together. I think it might be 2 of the kits.


I’ve also seen 3 different size Opossums come in. This is the smallest of the 3. From the looks of it’s R ear it has been in a scrap or two.


They definitely are not the cutest little animal on the block…


The medium sized one just showed up.

010 c

Both of the cats were on the porch….neither of them paid any attention to the Opossums….and they Opossums did not have any problem with the Raccoons.

This is my backyard…no pesticides or herbicides so there are lots of bugs for the critters and weeds….at least it is green.

Sure do like my critters…..


  1. Isn't it lovely to have live theatre in your own backyard! A bit of kindness pays off in spades! I think your opossums are quite cute and just brimming with character. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Nice wildlife photos! Raccoons are fund to watch but I agree that possums are a little creepy looking.I caught one in a have a heart trap by accident and that poor thing hissed at bit the cage like crazy.


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