Sunday, February 8, 2015

Honey Bees at the “Frog Pond” 2.7.15

My sister, Joanne, gave me this little concrete “frog pond” a few years ago. I put it on the rear deck to catch the drips from the down spout. There is a lot of condensation early morning. It keeps water in it all the time.


It was originally intended for the cats…but the Honey Bees decided they liked it too.


I added the rocks to give the bees a way to get out of the water if they fell in. Sometimes a drop will splatter and hit one of them.

You can see it’s a popular spot even though many of the bees go to the bird bath.


Enjoy the video. I had a couple of bees land on my shoulder while I was taking video and photos…no stings…just curious what I was.

Love these little gals.

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  1. What a cheery scene as your social drinking honey bees accept the hospitality of the jolly cement frogs. Truly charming. Oh, and the sounds of the birds in the background are a bonus. Thankyou for a visit to a much warmer backyard than mine currently is.


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