Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tangelo Tree in Bloom 3.22.14

The Orange Grove 2 streets over has been blooming for a week or more but we are completely surrounded by very tall trees and my Tangelo does not receive as much sun as those in a grove. This is just the top of it and you can see how small it is compared to the trees around it.

My Mom lived here for over 20 years and she found it was always 10 degrees cooler here than in town, so we are a week or two behind those out in the open.


The Honey Bees are working it but not as heavily as I would have expected. Guess they’ve already found the grove and go there everyday. It’s about a mile and a half in a bee line.


There are several working it …but could be feral Honey Bees. Kind of hope so….maybe they will swarm nearby and I can capture them for my Top Bar Hive.


If all these buds become Tangelos…..we’ll be propping up the limbs again this year.


I have noticed they work it better when it’s in the sunshine. Guess that is when the blooms produce the most nectar. Here’s a bloom that has already lost it’s petals. Wonder if that is a tiny Tangelo forming.


Full? or on to the next one. It’s amazing how many flowers they visit during the day.


This is the end of just one branch…look at the number of buds still to open.


In this photo you can see a Honey Bee in the upper R corner that is collecting pollen. It’s a bit blurry but I was happy to see her and took note of the pollen color. I see white, yellow and orange coming in. The Elderberry bushes are blooming and I think that is where the white pollen is coming from. Wasn’t sure what color the Citrus pollen was…it looks very light on the stems but might change color when packed in her pollen basket. Of course, she may have just come from other flowers.


I find everything they do fascinating. Sometimes they worry me…I don’t know enough about them yet….but learning.

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