Sunday, March 16, 2014

Luna Moth, Opossum, Plants and Honey Bees 3.16.14

Jim spotted this Luna Moth on our mosquito zapper. It was alive so I moved it to the wood pile.


The 3 cats we feed are spoiled. Sometimes they leave milk. When they do there is a male Siamese cat that usually finishes it up…but today an Opossum took care of the leftovers.


Such odd feet….and the head almost looks too big for the body…but kinda cute.


Once it cleaned up the milk it went to the “scrap pit” where I recycle all my biodegradables.

I’ve watched a Raccoon dig around looking for worms.


A few Tangelo buds are starting to open.


But for now…most of the Honey Bees are on the Bottle Brush Bushes. These are the two in my front yard. 3 more in the back yard. 2 are very small but putting out blooms and one is almost this size.


Each bloom is made up of many “flowers”. When you stand under them they just humm.


View from the front porch. My sister gave me the solar lamp and Hog’s Head.


This African Blue Basil is becoming my stand by plant. My swarm catcher is on the top of the ladder.


The big one in the rear is last years…just planted the other two. Now have a total of 8 plants.

They bloom almost all year round. Big stem of buds with several flowers all the time.

043cs 045cs

Even with the Orange blossom blooming, there are still several Honey Bees on these.


I am trying to plant bee food. When I see something that the Honey Bees are working……I dig it up and plant it in my yard. The Basil and Bottle Brush came from a nursery.

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