Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Frog Pond 12.17.13

My sister, Joanne, gave me this. I call it “The Frog Pond”. 009cs

The Honeybees come to it all day long. It sits on the end of my deck where the condensation from the roof can drip into it each morning, keeping water in it all the time.

It started out as a place for the cats to drink but they now share it with the bees.


It’s porous enough for them to get a good foot hold. Although, I did have to rescue a swimmer the other day. It may have been my fault, I was hanging clothes on the line and may have brushed it in the water.


It’s fun to watch the cats get a drink…..they end up with a Honeybee buzzing them sometimes, but so far, none of them has been stung.


When there is no water in the canals it also provides water for the resident Raccoon (s). Not sure if the Opossum uses it or not, but most likely.

I have a birdbath with a continual drip that is even closer to the hives,(you can see them just beyond the tree and bushes.)

010csbut they seem to prefer the Frog Pond, even though there are Honeybees working this African Blue Basil through out the day.

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