Thursday, December 5, 2013

Scamp mods 12.5.13

The ladies we bought it from gave us a nice piece of memory foam for the bed. I rolled it up and put a couple of pillow cases on it and slid it under the table.

Jim made a box that will slide out …turn  to support the table (bed) when down. It had a couple of legs but it was pretty wobbly. This makes it nice and solid and I can store paper towels etc in it as well as a couple bottles of juice.


The best improvement is the new faucet with a sprayer. The old faucet was styled more like a short bath faucet. Almost impossible to get a dish under it to rinse. The sprayer will also work for a shampoo.

The switch on the lower R is for an instant on hot water heater. It will supply warm water for dishes etc. when plugged into shore power or the generator.


The pad on the stove cover is a dish drainer. It is terry cloth and foam. Hang it up when done and it dries right out.


Regina showed me this trick. She has one in the camper they use to tow the horse trailer to camp. All manor of small items will fit in it and you don’t have things laying around….so they gave me one. Thanks guys!  I’ve almost got it full. This is only about half of it. We used the other half in the boat.


We hooked up and took it for a test run on the highway.  63 +- and it towed very well. Jim was pleased with the way the car handled. Didn’t even know the Scamp was behind you.


I am gradually adding the things we will need…coffee pot, percolator (for dry camping) toaster, a few pots and pans, paper plates, cups, glasses, towels, sheets etc.

We are going to a couple of car shows this weekend and will take the Scamp. We’ll get to see how it sleeps…what else we need and what we can do without. Not a lot of room to store stuff, but we’ll get it figured out.

I found a 12v/battery powered fan at a car show/ swap meet a few weeks ago and it will be perfect for dry camping when there is no electric hookup.

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