Thursday, November 7, 2013

We’re Goin’ Scampin’ 11.7.13

How about this little cutie!!


It even looks good behind the truck….but we bought it to tow behind the 1949 Hudson. Jim is installing new aluminum heads and then it will be off to Wayne’s (he has a lift). It will be much easier for Jim to weld the hitch on with it off the ground.

I didn’t realize it…but the red strip on the side of the camper will match the red around the rims on the tires…


Overall length is 13’ and 3’ of that is hitch. Less room than the front of the camper/hauler….but still roomy. It actually looks bigger in the above photo because I was closer to the camper when I took the picture.

I think it weighs about 1000 lbs, empty….. tongue weight about 100 lbs. It had been sitting in a sandy spot and had settled in a little… but Jim and I were able to lift the hitch  and move it ahead about 3 inches to drop it on the ball. I was surprised how light it was and that we were able to roll it forward out of the depressions.

It has a great bi-fold screen door.

003c  007c

The table drops down for a bed. ….(this is the original look)


We had trouble squeezing by the table so Jim shortened it. (It had been shortened in the past and then put back to normal ) Much easier getting in and out and gives the impression of a larger space. We’ll still need the extra piece for making the bed.


  The table drops down very easily…I was able to do it myself with no trouble.   Even easier now that it is shorter.                        007                                                                                                                                         There are 3 windows with screens that open in the table area…and a small crank out over the stove and one in the bathroom. Should be plenty of airflow when in a rest area or truck stop and no electric hookup. Storage overhead for bedding etc.

Storage over the sink for dishes etc. 2 burner propane cooktop, small sink…silverware drawer and 2 small doors with storage behind them.

It has an “ice box”…literally…we’ll try it awhile but could put a small fridge there if we feel we need it.


It has a fresh water holding tank and city water hook up. Ice cold AC.


I wanted one of these toilets for our boat but it was a bit pricey. It has it’s own holding tank.


No shower….so it will be truck stops (we are very familiar with those), campgrounds or friends. Jim will put an instant on hot water heater in so we can do dishes, sponge baths and shampoos….kind of like trucking again.


Most people start out in small campers and work their way up to bigger ones when they retire…I think we got it backwards…but we don’t do a lot of camping other than weekend car shows and a trip to VA, NY and VT to see family…we can do it in this and have fun traveling in the Hudson.

Jim can’t quite stand up straight anywhere inside so he’ll be sitting a lot. We do need to get a bag awning so we can keep rain out  when the door is open and have a place to sit outside.

Lots of ideas…we’ll try it as is for awhile and gradually add things.

Jim has done a lot of work on the Hudson. AC runs great now and it is a very comfortable ride. We thought it would be fun to do some car shows away from home. The Hudson won’t fit in the car hauler/camper. So…this  will be up for sale, 028c2as well as, the 1929 Mercedes Benz Replica. 015cr

You know how it is….you just can’t keep all the toys.

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