Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Hudson has a hitch…. 11.25.13

Jim spent all day laying around.

Unfortunately he spent most of that time measuring, cutting and welding.


Funny…..it doesn’t look a bit different.


Oh….I forgot …you have to remove the license plate.

He did it this way so the receiver would be hidden when we take the hitch off. Then it just looks normal. He’s going to put a bracket on the hitch for the plate when we are towing.


This is what we’ll look like going down the road. The camper is white with black trim around the windows etc. The  interior of the car is white .….both the camper and the wheels on the car have a red stripe, so it kind of ties it together. We definitely are not going to paint the camper black to match the car! So this will have to do. I’d like to get some moon hubcaps for the camper to match the car.


We took it for a drive around the block….tows well. Can’t wait to take it on a test run at highway speed…and spend a night in it to see how the bed sleeps.

I don’t normally like an air conditioner. Much rather have a Fantastic Vent and windows open….but….in a place this small …a hot night would be very uncomfortable. Might have to rethink my likes and dislikes.

When someone asks why we have such a small camper….we tell them we had to have something to carry the AC.

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  1. The hitch (Hudson) and S_______ look great maybe we will see you at at Fiber Glass meet.
    P & C


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