Monday, September 16, 2013

Pepper Bush (Brazilian Pepper) is starting to bloom 9.16.13

I have been watching the buds on the Pepper Bush in the back yard. They only receive early morning sun. On Sat I decided to check the road coming in.


Lots of buds and I noticed a few look like they are opening.


I didn’t see any Honeybees but there are lots of Love Bugs and Mud Daubers.

I believe this is a Great Golden Digger Wasp. It is also a nectar eater.


Today, Monday, I rode my bike down and one bush was just humming…


Honeybees everywhere….


The pollen bees were loaded down with a nice bright orange pollen.


I was surprised to see how much they were getting.


They are still competing with Love Bugs and wasps of all kinds. I even saw some Lightening Bugs.


The ladies are so beautiful…..


Loaded down and still gathering.


I went back and watched my hive entrances for awhile. They were still bringing in some light pollen but also the orange.

I think these bees must bee feral or from another hive…most of my bees didn’t have the huge pollen sacs these bees do, but they are gathering more all the time.

When working they are constantly on the go. Here is a short video.

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