Saturday, September 14, 2013

Flowering Vine 9.14.13

We noticed this flowering vine a month or so ago….tiny little flowers but it is taking over several bushes and one big tree.

This is looking up at a 60’ tree…you can see how it is covering parts of it.


Normally we try to get rid of vines that choke out other plants….I have no idea what it is….


Jim was out back one morning and could hear the hum of Honeybees…..guess we’ll keep it.

I’ve been wondering where they were getting the white pollen they’ve been bringing in.

This morning I found out. I went out back looking for a piece of wood and the vine was full of bees, so I ran back inside and got my camera.

See the pollen on her leg?


This gives you an idea how small the flowers are.


And it is only 80’ from the hives.


I guess everything has a purpose….you just need to find it.


This vine looks very invasive, but if it supplies the Honeybees with the pollen they need when other plants aren’t blooming….then I am glad to have it.

So now I have at least 3 invasive species around my yard. Pepperbush, Chinese Tallow and this pretty little vine.


  1. Good article and thanks for information

  2. It's a really nasty invasive called Skunk Vine,
    Even though the bees and hummers like it, you really should try to get rid of it before it takes over your yard (and it will)



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