Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Visitors to our backyard

One of the most beautiful birds to grace our backyard is the Painted Bunting.


The Red Bellied Woodpecker is always full of energy. It goes from the feeder the Bunting is on to the platform feeder and then to the trees. I love watching it on the platform feeder….sometimes on it and sometimes under it.


This squirrel normally tries to raid the feeders.  Since the Sweet Gum tree has started to put out buds and tiny leaves, it has been feeding there.


It’s fun to watch it hanging upside down to get at a morsel that caught it’s eye.

Look closely at the picture….looks like there are some fuzzy little seeds. When they are grown and fall on the ground they are full of spikes like a mace. Not fun to step on.


Sights and sounds from the yard.


  1. That painting bunting is amazing! You've got some good stuff in your yard.

  2. That bunting is so brilliant. I like listening to your yard birds.

  3. Great shots of your yard visitors, especially the Painted Bunting. I've seen a Painted Bunting in our yard only once.


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