Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TREED BY A SQUIRREL……..how embarrassing!

Our cat, Lightening, loves to watch the squirrels. Today it looked like they were playing with him……perhaps trying to get him to fall….

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There were 2 of them….when he went to the top and sat still……one would run up and chatter at him.


He’d start out onto the dead branches until one gave way and then he’d go back to the top.015cs

It looked like the squirrels were having a great time teasing the cat…..


He finally got tired of it …..gave up…..and came down.   The squirrels went back to chasing each other around the tree while Lightening watched from the deck.


  1. Sqirrels are pretty clever when it comes to finding their way around trees or getting food. I wonder why sqiurrels get so confused about what to do when a car is coming at them? They often run to the side of the road and then cross in front of the car a second time. Nice photo of kitty.

  2. Just found your blog and am looking forward to reviewing your past posts. Nice site!

    - Wally


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