Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Armadillo….another one

We spotted this little guy about 3 weeks ago.  It looks like it’s shell is still soft.


You can see the shape of the skeleton underneath. It doesn’t have the rounded look yet.


It has a lot of hair on it. Look along it’s back, the edge of the shell by the hind leg and in the light spot behind it’s ears.


It was very active and didn’t seem the least bit concerned with us being there.




  1. Pretty cute, but I imagine you would just as soon not have them in your yard.

  2. They are cute, I had a pair in my yard a few years ago. They can dig some holes for sure.

  3. Such a cute little guy your so lucky to see such beautiful wildlife

  4. Carol;
    I love all your photos, videos and stories about the animals.You and your husband sound like such wonderful people. What a great life you have made with all your animal friends. I got your web page as an accident at the end of a friends email and I am so grateful your web page is so cool. Thank you so much for sharing Kim

  5. Armadillos are blind as a bat. Thats why you can walk right up and pick them up. They're herbivors, so as far as I know they won't bite you, or at least they never bit me. Can't hurt to just keep your fingers away from their mouths, though, just in case. Great pic's, Carol! Nice coverage of all your experiences in the jungle home you and Jim share. Keep up the great work!

    Joris aboard "Slow Motion"


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