Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Swamp Hibiscus and a Yellow Sulphur Butterfly

We see these plants along the St Johns River banks. I planted one in my small wetlands and it is doing well. This is the first flower of the year, and looks like many more to follow.


They are slender plants, growing5’ to 6’ tall. This one is the tallest I have and there are 5 more plants ranging in size growing with it.


The bloom only lasts one day, but it is worth the wait. The color is actually a deeper red than pink, but no matter what angle I took the pictures from….it came out with a pinkish tint.

This Yellow Sulphur was the only butterfly that spent any time on the bloom.


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  1. Pretty flower! I try to plant native plants in my yard too--they always seem to do much better than anything else. You have such a nice assortment of butterflies, and I love that dragonfly shot in the last post. I see lots of dragonflies here, but mostly all Blue Darners.


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