Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Armadillo

We’ve had an Armadillo living under or around our place for several years. Never saw more than one at a time.
This little guy came out after a short rain.
Looks like it has fine hair on it’s body. Adorable!!!
This is the first little one we’ve seen.
The Armadillo is not one of Jim’s favorite critters, but does rank above the Raccoons that keep trying to get the cat food.
The cat laid in the grass and watched the little one scrounge around for food, until it went under the plants….he found it’s action interesting for a few minutes….then got bored and went back to the porch.
The Armadillo has been here longer than the cats and they have either learned to respect them or figure they are part of the family. They never bother them.
Armadillos have 4 babies and they are identical. We don’t know if we are watching the same small one or if it is a brother or sister. We’ve only seen one at a time.
Look at the beautiful pattern on it’s face.
I took my shoe off so I could have something to show size.
It didn’t seem to mind my following it around. Just kept on hunting.
Jim took this one. It’s coming over to inspect me.
I hope you can play this video… 
he is so cute. If not…. go to and put CmyBirds2 in the “search” and it will bring up all the videos I have posted on my blogs.
After we started seeing the little one, we spotted 2 adults wandering around the yard. Guess we may end up with a whole bunch of them. Jim is so thrilled!


  1. Wow, the youngster really is small. Interesting that it gets that close to you and the cats.

  2. So adorable and I just love your photos. Sadly my connection is too slow to play videos. Even if Jim is not impressed I would love to have them in our garden :) Have a good week Diane

  3. Certainly not a critter I'd see here! Amazing patterns on its face.


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