Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

This is one of my favorites. It’s wingspan can be up to 5”. This one is not quite that large.


The L “swallowtail” is missing on this one. She posed so well I took a second picture. Very distinct pattern on her wings.


I believe this is a male….see the blue ringed with orange near the tail? And it has both tails.


This one is missing the R tail. Looks like I had 3 visit the Bottlebrush Bush today.


We spent over a week on the boat. If you like gators….check out the boating blog…

I have video of a Gator, Manatees and Swallowtail Kites…but unable to publish them.   If you go to   and put CmyBirds2 in the “search” it will bring up all the videos I have posted on both blogs.

If anyone one knows why the sudden problem with attaching videos to the blog..please let me know.


  1. If I was a swallowtail I'd be attracted to the bottle brush too.

  2. Lovely photos! It'll be a while till we see any butterflies here, but the snow is beginning to melt. I'll just enjoy yours in the meantime.


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