Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3.3.12 My Husband, Jim……Master Recycler

Jim wears many hats. There isn’t much that he can’t do….and if he doesn’t know how?…..he learns.

But I never really thought of him as a “recycler”. He doesn’t throw much away and when he needs a part or a piece to repair something with…he goes hunting. If he can’t find the part he needs…..he can usually find something to make it with. Not always….but just about.

My garden hose hanger was falling apart and I was sick of looking at it. I asked Jim if he had an old car wheel around that he could paint up and hang for me. He didn’t have one……but he did find an old stainless pot full of nails and stuff….


I guess we could have gone to town and forked over a few bucks for one of those fancy things, but would it have a place for me to store my plant food?

Take a close look at my shovel. Early this morning it was made of wood. I was prying up some potted trees that had sank deep roots in the ground and it snapped. Jim found a piece of square tubing….now I have a new shovel.

Guess what he did with our old washing machine. It is the new cat house. The mother cat is a stray and somewhat afraid of people. We had to leave shortly after the kittens were born so they aren't friendly either. I have been able to pet the mother and one kitten, but the other scoots away when you get too close.

Now they have a nice warm, dry place to sleep during the winter or hurricane season.


We had a couple of sheets of strand board that came out of the car hauler when Jim remodeled the front into a camper. It wouldn’t last long outside so Jim made the top and sides from the old washer.

It has vents in the rear…that can be closed for the coldest part of the winter.


The entrance and vents have porches to keep the water from running in.

The front is hinged so I can open it to wash the bedding, and to spray for fleas etc.

Since there are 3 cats, it is set up so they can sleep together for warmth or each have a separate space.


The hinge is on the R side and a wing nut on the left, above the porch, keeps it securely shut until I want to get into it.


We left it on the deck for 2 nights to see if the cats used it….they did. Now we need to build an outside feeder that the raccoons can’t get into.

Even though most of our lives were spent in the “disposable” age, I think we both remember what it was like to go without… wasn’t much fun at the time…but I think it did us more good than harm. We have the ability to appreciate everything we have….even though it might not be the biggest or the best.

One of the best things our parents taught us to do without? Debt!!!. If you can’t pay for it…go without….until you can……or…learn to recycle what you have…….and can Jim ever recycle!!!!!


  1. What an imaginative man. Love the pot idea for hanging the hose. And that washer condo looks ready to move into.

  2. A genius, don't recycle him.

  3. Besides functioning well, everything he makes looks excellent. Perhaps he should patent some of this creations.

  4. Now there is ingenuity! Great idea having the plant food right there where the hose is, too.

  5. He must have heard the motto I grew up with.....Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without. lol Not bad words to live by. Just imagine what the world would be like if we all practiced that!!! A car carrier passed me twice in the last 2 days and I told my husband...just look at that, we have more cars now that anyone knows what to do with and yet still more are being made everyday. Makes one want to say "What r they thinking?"

  6. A couple of great projects! I think growing up having to make do with what you had around you makes you a lot more self-reliant. People now are conditioned to toss things away whenever any little part is broken and buy new. The fad now to recycle more things is a step in the right direction.


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