Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spineybacked Orb Weaver

This spider looks like some kind of medieval tool.

It looks as though I have it staked out on a sheet of paper…but it’s in a web with the white of the boat as background and you can’t see it.024cs

This is the underside, and you can see parts of it’s web. This one is near the bottom of the boat with the black bottom paint in the background and it shows off the web.


Here’s one walking on the boat trailer.


There are several on and around the boat….outside….thank God. I don’t really like spiders….love to watch them build web…but coming inside my living space …be it boat or camper…..they are an endangered species.

The day after I took these pictures I found 2 Honey Bees trapped in it’s web. I was surprised the web was that strong for such a small spider. I’ve since removed all the webs. They’ll have to build elsewhere.


  1. I agree these are one of the oddest looking little creatures that I've come across. Nice pictures.

  2. Odd looking little things. Helen

  3. I wonder why it's shaped that way? Maybe it is to scare people off! I don't think I've seen this spider. Great photos.

  4. They are so weird. I also do not like spiders in my living space!!! Diane


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