Thursday, November 3, 2011

OK…..what is it?

It was sitting on one of the white plastic chairs on my back deck by the stack of firewood.


Very unique looking.


I checked all the grasshoppers and kin on the bug guide. I can’t find anything with that pointed face.


And the other end is different too..


If you know what it is…please let me know.



  1. Wow! Cool animal. I did some sleuthing online and I believe what you have is a coneheaded katydid:

  2. No idea Carol; but certainly a strange looking creature.
    I hope someone can come up with an ID for you.

  3. David....your sleuthing is much better than mine. I didn't see that one. Thanks so much for the link to it.

  4. My first guess would've been katydid, but I see someone else figured it out for you first. Neat critter!

  5. David Steen...I did notice that all of the Katydids have large wings. The one in the photos above doesn't have any wings that I can see. I also spotted another one wings. I wonder if they shed them?

  6. It does actually have them, but they're relatively small. If you check out the 'extreme close-up' picture you can make out the translucent wings. From what I could find online, length of wings allows one to differentiate between different kinds of katydid...Although it has wings, I suspect they are vestigial and do not allow this creature to fly.


  7. A little more ID speculation which may or may not be correct: It's a Hook-faced Conehead ("cone has prominent gap separating cone from face"). Wings are not fully developed because it is a nymph stage. It's a boy. Posterior developing sexual organs don't include an ovipositor. Also, males are always brown. Females can be either green or brown. See what you think at BugGuide.


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