Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two Lined Walking Stick

I’ve seen these Two Lined Walking Sticks before. I guess they like the sides of my building for breeding. That’s the only time I see them.


If you look closely you can see the small one on the top…I am guessing male…has itself connected to the larger one….guessing female.010cs

Don’t mess with them…they squirt foul smelling stuff and I’ve read it can burn your eyes if you get it in them. I know it smells bad….I touched them to get them to move.

They are really quite pretty….if you like bugs…..and I do.


  1. So the sides of your buildings must be like checking into a hotel. They are rather cool looking bugs.

  2. Never seen these before.
    That female looks huge compared to the male. I hope he doesn't upset her lol

  3. Wonder if she will eat him, like a mantid?

  4. Cool animals. I also have only seen these animals when they are breeding. In my pitfall traps in the panhandle, they would show up frequently (at the right time of year). I'm curious where they go when they are not feeling amorous.

  5. is there a way to kill or thin these bugs out? i dont like stepping on bugs because the crunch freaks me out so some help or advise would be nice. this time of year they totelly cover my house and garage area. i have a 2yr old to keep safe. a very curious 2yr that tried to eat one of those bugs this evening


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