Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Painted Bunting (first of the fall)

I moved my feeder to the backyard and was afraid they wouldn’t find it.


Isn’t he beautiful?


I was surprised to see him. Jim is under the trailer a short way away, welding and chipping at the slag. Noise usually scares them off. Especially the squeak of the back door when I try to sneak out for pictures.

This is the first one I’ve seen this fall. I will enjoy watching them at this feeder now. There is a Jathropa bush to the L of the feeder and a Bottlebrush bush and birdbath to the R. The round feeder has sunflower seeds for the Titmice and Cardinals.


The PVC pole has some claw marks in it but so far the Raccoons and Squirrels haven’t been able to climb it. There are a few scraggly milkweed plants around the bird bath… the caterpillars have them pretty well eaten up.

Behind those bushes is “wet lands”. It has standing water when it rains a lot. The soil is black like potting soil. I planted Cana Lilies, Needle Palms and Swamp Hibiscus in there to help suck up the water.

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  1. it looks like someone has taken bird and dipped it in several tins of paint


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