Monday, September 19, 2011

Viceroy, Queen and Monarch Butterflies

The Viceroy closely resembles the Queens and Monarchs. Today I thought I was watching a Queen flying around the yard….I was wrong. I noticed a bar on the lower wing that neither the Queen or Monarch has. I grabbed my camera to get a photo so I could compare it.




The one at the top ( photo below)  is a Queen…you can see it is almost the same color as the Viceroy. It even has white dots around the wing…but many more.  You can see that neither the Queen or Monarch has the bar on the lower wing.


Just when I thought I could recognize the caterpillars of Queens and Monarchs….now I need to learn to spot the Viceroy caterpillar.

One of the Viceroy’s larval plant is a Willow. 


  1. You sure have a good eye. They all so much alike until you point out the differences. Oh Boy, something new to learn. Thank you.

  2. I never would have seen the difference between the Queen and Viceroy. Of course we don't have any of them here so I only get to see them when we travel.


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