Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Armadillo……my little hole digger

This is not one of Jim’s favorite critters. It makes lots of holes in the yard.  I even keep a shovel by the porch steps so I can fill them in while they are fresh. I have noticed a big drop in the number of Fire Ant hills. I still have to “feed” a mound once in awhile but we used to have at least half a dozen after a big rain.  Now it’s only one or two.

It was raining when I took these. I guess that is why it looks so shiny.


They aren’t really what you’d call “cute”…but I like the little guys.


I kept trying to sneak up on it whenever it was looking the other way.


I must have been doing laundry…I can hear the well pump running in the background.


  1. I think they're kind of cute, but don't have to live with them digging holes in the yard. Do they eat the ants?

  2. How interesting -- it moved so fast. I've read about them eating fire ants in Florida. I wonder if they aren't one of the biggest predators of them there. I love your nurturing ways with wildlife and, as always, your yard amazes me!

  3. Strange little critters, but, yes, kind of cute.


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