Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Indigo Buntings 4.18.10

A couple of the Indigo Buntings are still here. One was at the feeder this morning.


Two Green Painted Buntings showed up to share the feeder.

082cs4 Indigos came in this evening. They will all be migrating sometime this month. We were gone for a week and I was surprised there were still a few here. I hate to see them leave.

The blue is so striking it is easy to see them as they fly around. They spend more time on the ground now…they did that last year just before they left.

This one and the squirrel are sharing the seed.089cs

Sometimes they are more visible in the camera than with the naked eye.092cs

In this video there is a Cardinal…green Painted Buntings and a couple of Indigos.

I will miss them when they leave.


  1. Such bright, colourful birds Carol. It must be like having an artists palette flying around.

  2. They are colorful. Yet more will come again and new birds will take their place.
    Love the squirrel sharing with the birds.

  3. I live in an apartment and have mobility issues. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you sharing the beauty around you. I can tell how much you love them and that is so wonderful to see. Thank you!

  4. I shall be looking for the Buntings to arrive in my gardens in a couple of weeks. The Baltimore Orioles almost always arrive on April 24th....I am ready to receive them too. Loved seeing all your birds.
    Happy Earth Day,

  5. I love your colorful buntings. I wish I was able to see them at my feeders. The squirrel is very cute. Poor thing has to scramble for whatever seed he can find since you got that squirrel-proof feeder.


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