Monday, April 5, 2010

Backyard Bunnies (April 2010)

I know to all your gardeners….this is a pest. But I really enjoy these little guys.


I have a couple of “wildlife” habitats…..brush piles….all the branches that fall and the palm fronds are put into these…..the palm fronds laid out so as to create a roof and help keep some of the water out.  They are not pretty…but I love the bunnies that use them. Most of our area is wet and has standing water after hard rains…so I create a place where they can get up out of the water……and in the tree line for cover. It’s about 4’ tall now…but things breakdown so fast here that it probably wont get much taller. 033cs

This one got started when a tree fell down…right there…so we left if and started building on it.  There are a couple of others that were created during the 2004 hurricanes when we had so many trees go down..but they are pretty well gone now.

The bunny was sitting right outside the screen room where I was having coffee. I walked out and tossed it a handful of corn and 2 small carrots. He found one and the other is that bit of orange in the R corner.  He eventually got it.027cs I don’t normally feed in this spot…it was already there munching on the grass…but it could dash under the screen room if necessary…as long as it doesn’t mind the Armadillo that’s under there . 

I have seen 4 rabbits…I don’t usually see more than one or two at a time.  They are such cute little things. They make me think of kids eating spaghetti, when munching on a long blade of grass.


  1. Nice video of your cute bunny! I like to watch these hopping around in the yard!

  2. Carol,
    We must have had some channeling by the Easter Bunny, I took bunny pictures yesterday too. Your FL bunnies look a bit different than my SD ones, I think.
    You are absolutely right about the spaghetti, I get a kick out of the ones here who favor dandelions. They always eat from the stem toward the flower, it is rather comical to see the flower inching toward their noses.

  3. I love the rabbits. That video was cute. Those jaws were flying eating that grass. There are so many birds of prey now the rabbits don't stand much of a chance to survive. Glad that you have a place they can hide. Helen

  4. hard not to like them isn't it!

  5. Carol, they are adorable and so fun to watch. I like your bunny habitat. Guess you don't grow vegies on the ground.

  6. Great little video clip Carol; and yea, just like kids eating spaghetti. lol


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