Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hawk on the bow rail

The resident Red Shouldered Hawk has found a new spot to observe the yard from….019cs

The best part is it cant see the front yard where these cute little Mourning Doves hang out.


I’ll have to discourage it from hanging around, though. I’ve convinced it not to sit on the gate or in the palm by the feeders….now I have to work on the bow rail.


  1. Hope he doesn't spot the Doves! Nice photos.

  2. He is a beauty though.
    Picked a good spot to watch from.

  3. Great pictures but your songbirds may provide him with a ready meal.

  4. Wow.your bloggy is neat. Doves are so sweet! I just finished watching the Carolina Wren- fantastic- busy..and what a cute little cheep!
    Regards, Regina-


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