Monday, March 22, 2010

3.21.10 Baby Gators in the canal

We took another bike ride this morning. The area we live in is very low and much of the water from the housing developments and town drain into the Black Hammock on it’s way to the lake, so there are canals along all the roads.

We spotted this small (2’) gator on the bank of the canal. Can you find it? ………..Look just below the light brown palm leaf.


Here’s a better shot. Isn’t it a cutie?


A bit farther along the canal I spotted another one about the same size. This one was much easier to see.


Here’s a closer look.


“Baby Face”….you’ve got the cutest little baby face….



  1. That last picture makes me think of the "smile on the face of the crocodile". No reptiles out sunning themselves up North yet.

  2. Nice baby photos, although I have to say I don't think I would call them cute.....

  3. What a sight to see while out. I just can't imagine that. Do you get the adults along there too?

  4. Well it is better to see a small one than a big big one... might be more hungry... Beautiful and fascinating creatures... Nice pictures you got Carol!

  5. Do the adult gators ever attack humans? It happens where I'm from,some times.

  6. SmartReaders- I think they can be very agressive during breeding season. We start noticing the difference in behavior then..normally when we cruise in for a closer picture they immediately disappear in the water...once they start guarding their territory they will swim towards the boat, but we've never had one attack. Feeding them can also create a they see humans as a food source. I don't think there are many people killed by Alligators though. I think with any wild animal you need to use commonsense.


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