Saturday, December 5, 2009

Look What “Momma” brought to visit

It has been in the low 50’s….cold, damp and raining. We need the rain so am glad to have it, but it makes it hard to take any pictures.

While working on the computer, I was surprised to see this Momma Hog and 4 little brown ones. I toss a hand full of corn by this hibiscus bush in the morning for a turkey. I guess they are learning all the spots.

I saw them earlier this  morning….. 3 large black hogs and the 4 little brown ones were here just  before daylight. This the first time for  the babies.  I wasn’t  able  to get any pictures,  then,  the least bit of sound or movement and they are gone like a shot. So when they showed up in the front yard….I took the video through the window. They were checking under the bird feeders.

They kind of stroll through…see if anything has been missed and disappear. I love watching the little ones.


  1. They are very cute. Bet that momma has a hard time finding feed for her babies. Helen

  2. OMG, they're increasing. You'll have to put out more corn.

  3. I heard they are very hard on gardens and yards. Do they do a lot of damage around your place? They are sure cute.


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