Monday, December 7, 2009

Great Pondhawk Dragonfly

I took these a few months ago. 

I think it will take me awhile to top my Eastern Amberwing in a previous post. I love that little beauty. I think because I was so surprised when I saw the pictures.

This is a pretty Dragonfly. Unfortunately it was sitting on my concrete step and the sun wasn’t shining so no pretty reflections. But it is still beautiful.Butterfly green dragon 052cs

It was a bit skittish but then kept coming back.

Butterfly green dragon 013cs

I didn’t see anything of interest to it, but wasn’t going to complain. I just laid there till it came back. When I all but stuck the camera in it’s face it just looked up at me. I wonder if the lens looked like a big dragonfly eye. I could see it’s head bobbing up and down as I moved.

Butterfly green dragon 019cs

The lacy pattern on their wings are beautiful. I wonder if this is where the original stained glass makers got their inspiration.Butterfly green dragon 042cs

I want to remind everyone that I am just learning the dragonflies. If I call one wrong, please correct me.


  1. Great macro shots of this pretty dragonfly! I've never seen one this color before.

  2. Do you suppose Faberege got the idea for those fabulous enameled eggs for the Tsar from creatures like this? If that isn't the definition of "emerald green" , I sure don't know what is!

  3. That is very pretty. I wouldn't know if you called one by the wrong name or not since I don't know the names of them myself. Helen

  4. This is a lovely series! Even with no sun the color on this dragonfly is just gorgeous. I had problems too with the background in most of my dragonfly shots I got this summer, but I think they are beautiful enough that it really doesn't matter.

  5. Beautiful picture of the Dragonfly, Carol.. I never paid much attention to these critters --until people started taking macro pictures of them. They really are pretty, aren't they? Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great macros, wonderful bright colors. I've often wondered about the corelation of their wings and stained glass. Tiffany used the idea well.

  7. He is just beautiful! Good camera work.

  8. Awesome photos Carol. Stunning colours.

  9. Excellent shots Carol. Never seen a dragonfly that colour before.


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