Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obscure Bird Grasshopper

Another day of chasing butterflies around the yard. Something flew over my shoulder and landed in the elderberry bush. I nice big green grasshopper.080cs

I spent a few minutes snapping away. It didn’t seem to bother it.095cs

It was even kind enough to sit still for a few close-ups. Looks like it is wearing armor.



In this picture, I was shooting into the shadows of the woods. I like it for the different shades of greens.


I think these are called “bird” grasshoppers because of the long wings and the distance they can fly.  It’s a big grasshopper, but not as large as the Eastern Lubber.


  1. Very good shots! I haven't seen any grasshoppers to get any shots. Helen

  2. Now that's a big looking grasshopper. Good job on the macro!

  3. It sure looks big. Nice macros. I could really see its armor.

  4. Great pictures of a destructive pest to my garden. You can keep them - oh, they are already here. Maybe Wednesdays predicted snow will do them in.

  5. Your closeups are awesome! They can be quite interesting at this perspective!

  6. A handsome looking chap. Great close-up too.

  7. Awesome close ups. Well done Carol. FAB.

  8. nice ones can you tell the name of the one on my
    managed to get 3 different species that day the ones mating are quite big.
    love the ebony one.


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