Sunday, January 1, 2017

Moved the trap behind the pen

 The picture above is what it looked like before we moved the trap.
 This is what it looks like now.

 View from the trap door.  The little gate is to let them into the pen.
 Trap is ready...
 3 little the one with his tongue sticking out.
 We built a copy of Lucas's trap door.  It is in the end of the pen and once all the pigs are gone we'll cut the wire and get it ready to go....then we'll have 2 traps.
The Robins have been coming in for water. Big flocks of them...they sit in the bushes and take turns...sometimes it's an hour before all have a drink.

Jim put a water line to it...I keep it on a drip. The squirrels...raccoons...birds all use it.

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  1. That is quite the hog management operation you have going on. Looks a bit like a petting zoo. Those little pigs are certainly cute, but understandably not welcome in one's yard. I bet they would be delicious in the hands of the right cook!


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