Friday, September 30, 2016

Wild Hog damage 9/30/16

I have coffee each morning out on the screened porch...about 2 months ago I spotted at least 6 big wild Hogs. As soon as I moved they disappeared. Yesterday they tore up a small spot...Jim fixed it...this is what they did this morning.
 They just roll up the sod...
 looks worse from this direction.
 You can see the sod laid back in this picture.
 Not sure what they are looking for....but we are going to put up a motion light....maybe that will scare them off.

 Jim went to work on it and this is what we have now.
If the motion light doesn't work ....we'll find someone who wants a hog or hogs for the freezer.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

PepperBush is blooming.

This is probably the biggest bloom before the Red Maples in Dec.
 The Pepperbush is a very invasive plant...but the bees need all the food they can get so we don't cut them back until after the bloom.
 There is a bee keepers just down the road so I don't know if these are his or mine.
 Just look at all the cannot see them but there are bees all over it.
 These little gals work harder than most people.
 My "blue" hive is working on drawing out wax in the 2nd super....the other two are both full. I don't know why but the blue hive always stores more honey than the "pink" hive.
 Beautiful little bee
 These bushes are about 20 ft tall

 this is looking down our road...they have almost grown it closed....After the bloom Jim will be cutting it back.
That is all Pepper bush and there is more on down the road and surrounding area.