Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Breakfast Buddies. 3.29.16

The Opossum is not the most beautiful creature. Long face and rat like tail...but we love seeing it come in the yard.

It does not come in every day but it does show up once in awhile. I am hopeing it is a female and will show up with some little ones on her back.

I was surprised to see it accepted by the Raccoon.

I had tossed some old cat food from the feral cat feeder into this brush pile...They ate together for over half an hour.

I toss birdseed in the driveway for the squirrels and doves....this Raccoon joins them as well as this turkey.. She comes in sometimes twice a day. The squirrels and doves do not mind the Raccoon...they know the difference between it and the cats.
I wasn't able to get a good picture of the turkey...if she sees the slightest movement she is gone.
I do enjoy my critters.


  1. Like you Carol, I find that animals of similar size generally share resources. Kindness towards our wild neighbours is paid back many times over with their very presence. They so enrich our lives. Thank you for sharing them on your posts!

    1. I need a trail cam like you have...then I could see what visits at night.

  2. Our cats and the raccoons used to go off and play together! And the two male cats took turns patrolling the yard. They literally shared their "duty" for hours, off and on, and sometimes the raccoons would wait for one to come back and the other to go out and then those two would head off down and across the creek together. Some of the best years of my life.


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