Saturday, September 5, 2015

Caterpillar and Honey Bee food

This is an earlier post that I forgot to post…you can see the difference in growth.

We had some skirting that was damaged during the hurricane in ‘04. After Jim trimmed all the plants along it  we decided to hide it with a trellis and Passion Flower Vine. We can walk behind it to weed. I have a soaker hose the length of it.


The center plant is the same as the one in the backyard. We purchased 2 more at Lowes.

The flowers are a little different. This is the original plant…curly lavender flowers and yellow stamens.


This is one of the new plants. The flower is a little smaller has straight feathery things and pinkish leaves with pale green stamens.


Even the leaves are different… plants


Old plant…


There are caterpillar eggs on both plants, and the caterpillars seem to like either one.

The white ones are Zebra Longwings and the red one is a Gulf Fritillary.



Jim and I ride our bikes each day. A neighbor a few streets over has 2 sheep and they’ve about cleaned out their area so we cut weeds and load the bikes for them.

This morning as I was cutting I found this chrysalis.

It is a Gulf Fritillary. It was on the opposite side of the road the wild Passion Flower is on…since I’d already cut the plant I brought it home and tied it up. They look like dried leaves…I’ll be watching tomorrow for more.


This is the Zebra Longwing chrysalis …one of 3 on the middle plant. That plant has been in the tub for several months.


This little guy is only about 1/2 inch long….it is on the lattice to shed its skin. I checked later and there was just the old skin and he’d found a leaf to eat.


Since the Honey Bees also work the flowers I was glad to put up more caterpillar food and bee food.

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  1. What a lovely trellis you guys have made and covered with passion flowers! Such stunningly beautiful blossoms. I'll have to look closer at my own yard's dried leaves. They may, in fact, be cradles.


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