Saturday, June 14, 2014

Swarms 6.14.14

On May 3 we caught a swarm and put it in the Top Bar Hive. It is still there.


My neighbor has been checking on them for me, so I wasn’t surprised to see they were still here.

This is a peek in the window in the rear. I think there are 8 or 9 drawn comb.


I need to go in and move the divider board to give them more room and remove the empty honey jar I left in there.

We mowed and knocked down the grass around the hives with the weed eater today…then it rained. Tomorrow might be a good day to do it.


I was surprised to see the ones in the squirrel box…


They’ve been there for awhile because there is comb in there. Look close near the bottom of the picture. Also see 2 bees with pollen  coming in.


It will be interesting to see how they manage. I don’t have anymore equipment and don’t need another hive so we’ll let them do their thing in the home they chose.

Looks like the comb goes below the entrance.


It is about 15 ft. off the ground. Guess the squirrels will have to find another spot.003

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