Thursday, May 1, 2014

Turkey Hen, Peacock 5.1.14

One of the nicest things about living here is the critters that stroll into our yard.

Sure….there are lots of bugs..mainly because I don’t use pesticides here. So there is stuff for birds etc to eat.

I was thrilled to see this little hen turkey in the back yard. She has evidently been here before since she knew right where the feeder was and where the seed falls on the ground.


She headed right for it.


But imagine my surprise when I looked out and saw this beautiful peacock.


It went into the back yard…under the feeder…


Is he beautiful?

He has been in here 3 days in a row.


Without a hen we didn’t get a nice display of those beautiful feathers.


This afternoon he spent time lying under my Bottle Brush Bush…hope he makes this area his home. My neighbor has a nice big yard and both of us are surrounded by woods.

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