Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter in the Hammock 1.26.14

We had a frost and in some places a freeze, but it didn’t kill everything….the Honeybees are bringing in pollen.


Some are so loaded down they are completely dusted with it.


There are 3 in this picture…and I believe the blurry one is also loaded with pollen.


A Bald Eagle soared on the thermals for a long time. I was hoping it was looking for a nesting spot…but so far…no luck with that one.018cs

These Buzzards pick dead trees to sun themselves in


My feeders attract Painted Buntings, Cardinals, Indigo Buntings, Titmice, Red Headed Woodpeckers and other birds.

Here is a Painted Bunting, a juvenile Painted Bunting and a Cardinal.


It must be spring…..the Robins are here. We usually have huge flocks in the trees this time of year….they feed on the Brazilian Pepper berries.


As you can see above…the trees have started to bud…believe that is where the Honeybees are getting all the pollen. They’ve been bringing it in since the Red Maples started blooming a few weeks ago.

Things usually stay pretty green here…but most of my African Blue Basil plants took a hit. (dark one to L of stump) And the plants to the R of it are looking pretty bad. Still beats snow, slush and mud.


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