Monday, June 3, 2013

Wax Moth and Wasp trap 6.3.13

I put out a Wax Moth and Wasp trap several weeks ago….caught lots of moths…not sure if they are Wax Moth or not but look like it could be. My neighbor put the same thing out and is catching a lot of wasp.

Yesterday I refreshed  the solution: 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup sugar, several slices of banana and a couple cups of water.

I caught something …but not wasps or moths…


It is on a shepherds hook behind the bee hive. He was very careful to take only the banana.

After he left, I got rid of the stick and put vaseline on the sheperds hook……redid the solution and hung it back out.

It was still there this morning. You can just see it to the L of the tallest hive. That is the only one with bees in it. I have the other set out hoping to catch a swarm.


Jim rigged a water line to the bird bath so I can leave it on a steady drip. It makes it nice for the birds and bees and the pump starts once in awhile when we are away. Motors in this hot and humid weather don’t last long if not used.

There is a small concrete “frog” pond on the ground in front of it. The overflow drips into that. The raccoons drink there if the canal is empty.

I have several milkweed plants in pots sitting partially in the ground at the base and it helps to keep the ground damp for them too.

Everything we have does double duty..sometimes even triple.

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