Sunday, February 19, 2012

2.18.12 Jim’s busy again

We have a 33’ car hauler/camper  and a 28’ Trawler. Jim usually has to back them down the road to get them in here.

We cut a few small trees down (now next years firewood) and Jim pushed the brush back so we could put some dirt in for a parking area.

Right now we are at the end of the road.If they ever continue the street  thru here, we’ll have a circle driveway. But for now, it will work as a parking lot. There is room to drive in with either the camper or the boat and back into the spot.

Jim did all the work by hand, chainsaw or this tractor and box blade. This is the first load.


He’s getting pretty good with this thing.


Starting on the second load….some of it is dragged down the road to fill holes. The county doesn’t maintain our section. They wanted every owner to “give” them 5’ to increase the right of way or they wouldn’t continue to maintain it.


He had the first load all spread before the second arrived.

The finished area.


With the vehicles in place.


Everything off the pad is muck…like potting soil. If we didn’t spread something over it, bushes would be growing up under the backs of the trailers….and that is a roadway for ants etc. We hope this lime rock/millings mix will deter plant growth for a year or two.

Jim made the mistake of asking if there was anything else I wanted done before he took the tractor back to his brother.

This area was totally covered with vines. He pushed most of it back but this dead palm tree was giving them a place to grow….so he climbed up the ladder, tied a rope around it and hooked it to the tractor….down she came.


Tomorrow we can get the rest of the vines knocked down. There are 3 nice Needle Palms behind all that dead stuff.

It’s still a jungle out there.


Jim works harder…puts in longer days and very seldom ever takes a day off. He can out work many men half his age.

Even when we are on the boat or in the camper, there is always something that needs repairing. If it isn’t ours…..there is always someone who needs a helping hand.


  1. You'll be so glad you put in that parking area. Your photos remind me of some of the work my hubby does around here. He uses his Kubota both summer and winter, although I know you don't have much need to move snow like he does. Your vegetation is so very different than we have here. We don't have problems with the vines, but the little willow trees grow up so rapidly if they aren't kept mown down--a very different kind of jungle!

  2. Looks like he worked the tractor's tail off. A natural jungle is always an interesting placy. Enjoy it.

  3. Nice job. Very handy to be able to borrow a tractor.

  4. Jim sure is a hard working man Carol.
    A fascinating glimpse of your life.


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