Sunday, August 28, 2011

Butterflies and caterpillars

I snapped the picture of this Queen caterpillar yesterday. Today it is a chrysalis.


Aren’t the colors beautiful? It really is much more beautiful than the Monarch caterpillar. The one below is at least 3” long. Should be heading for the top soon.


Here are  a Monarch and Queen caterpillar, side by side, about the same size….about an inch long…so they haven’t gotten their full color yet.


I’ve had several butterflies in the yard today…Monarchs, Giant Swallowtails, Yellow Sulphurs….none of them were posing for pictures.

This Gulf Fritillary on the Buddleia  plant cooperatered a bit.

024cs      031cs

There were 3 Queens flying around. I love their deep color.

006cs   010cs

I have 15 Queen caterpillars and 22 Monarch caterpillars  in the Butterfly House.  I think I only had 2 Queens in the 250 that were in there a few months ago.

I want to get a Dutchman’s Pipe vine plant and see if I can get Pipeline Swallowtails here too.


  1. You have really scored on the caterpillars. That Queen is gorgeous. Not that they all aren't.

  2. I have not seen any up here this year and there are no butterflies either. So I am missing both stages.

  3. You're certainly attracting the butterflies.
    A great feeling to be helping nature along like that.


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