Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunflowers and Squirrels

I have a small patch of sunflowers growing under the bird feeder. Once they started to ripen I wondered which would get the seeds first…..the birds or the squirrels.

This little guy won.


I think it spotted me in the screen room with the camera.


It hangs down under the flower….chews off a bunch of seed and petals and comes up and sits on the stalk to eat.


Here it goes for more.


We had so much fun watching all the gyrations it had to go thru to get the seeds.


A good way to get your kids interested in gardening….plant sunflowers….watermelon and squash. They all are easy to grow and the kids can enjoy the results….Hopefully a couple of squirrels will find the sunflowers once the seeds have ripened and create a lot of laughter.

Here’s a short video of the fun it had.


  1. We do have squirrels here but thankfully I have not seen them in my garden or my hazel nut tree would have a difficult time. As it is the door-mice enjoy the nuts as well!! Diane

  2. Cheeky little devil! We are so far from having blooming sunflowers it isn't funny...we had snowflakes in the air yesterday morning again! Not fair. :o)

  3. Squirrels are fun to watch. I have a few sunflower seeds that sprouted but are a long way from blooming much less seeding.


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