Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inside Looking Out

My Hummingbird feeder is on the front porch. Jim opened the sliding door to look at something….got distracted and forgot to close it.  When he came back inside a bit later, he heard a noise over the kitchen sink by the window.003cs1

It could see the Citrus tree it normally sits in…but couldn’t figure out how to get to it.


He emptied a small wicker trash basket….gently placed it over the Hummingbird and slide a flat cover between it and the window….carried it to the door and released it.

It’s still hanging around. I guess it’s little “mis”adventure didn’t scare it a bit.

I have 2 that have been here most of the year. At least, I think it’s the same ones.


  1. Oh so sweet!!! Glad you got it back outside!

  2. Such an amazing little bird. I've rescued hummingbirds from inside a few times and they've always been cooperative. It feels invigorating to hold their small, calm and yet quivering body. Love your crystals.

  3. What a lovely visitor to have.
    Glad he got back outside though.

  4. oh to see a hummer! if one EVER appeared over hear it would be the twitch of the century :D

  5. Nice looking hummingbird. I like the blues too. Usually I see red things but blue looks better.


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