Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Antlion (Doodlebug)

I was opening the door to the shed and this flew from the door to the side of the building. 040cs

It blends in so well, I’m not surprised I haven't noticed them before. 043cs 045cs

I didn’t realize until it landed on the flag….but the wings are transparent like a dragonfly’s. When in flight it looks like the “helicopters” that we see in the evening.048cs

I’ve been through some bug websites but didn’t find out what it was…so ..if you know…please let me know.


  1. Perfect camouflage; transparent wings. No idea what it is though.

  2. It's an ant lion, all grown up. Pretty cool, aren't they? Who'da thunk a doodlebug would become something ilke that?!

  3. SophieMae....thanks for identifying this little critter. I would never have found it looking under moths and dragonflies. I hope I have many more...

  4. He or she is beautiful. After seeing the transparent wings on the flag and looking them up in Wikipedia, I believe I've seen them before here in Indiana. Not for a long time now and in my mind I associate them with forest, fields, and rivers. Probably when our family would go camping. I'll be on the lookout now.

  5. I've never seen one of these. It is really interesting how it blends in with its background.

  6. Sure is a beauty and great at camouflage.


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