Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back on land…nice surprise 6.1.10

We spent 3 weeks on the boat traveling the St Johns River, FL.

When we got home, Jim was catching up on yard maintenance and suggested I go out back and take a picture of a flower he’d never seen before. It’s a Passion Flower or May Pop. There was a 6’ length of vine lying on the ground. I picked it up and laid it along an Elderberry bush. I’ve spotted 3 more vines in the same area….2 of them over 8’ tall. Several buds.001cs 002cs 004cs

I just read that the Zebra Longwing  (Zebra Helicons) caterpillars like the leaves…v 004cs

We have many of there flying around during the summer….now I will be looking for the caterpillars on the Passion Flower plant.

v 012csc I took these last year.  Isn’t it a beauty?

I am going to start some cuttings of the Passion Flower and see it I can get them growing in several places.


  1. The Passion Flower is a unique looking flower,very exquisite.

  2. What a beautiful flower - and lovely butterfly photos!

  3. That Passion Flower is very unique. Good luck with the cuttings.

  4. Gorgeous flower and beautiful butterfly. You always have the most delightful things in your garden.

  5. 3 weeks on a boat..wow..must have been fun. Lovely pics.

  6. We have that plant in Sri Lanka too. Do you know that it bares a delicious fruit? You can just eat what inside the ripe fruit or even make juice. Tastes like a citrus fruit.The local term we use for the fruit means "orange that appears on a vine". The plant is little common here.

  7. A vigorous climber with stunning flowers and a beautiful 'flutter' Carol.


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