Saturday, May 8, 2010

female Blue Dasher 4.27.10

I got all excited today….I saw something buzzing around my newly set up bee hive… I grabbed my camera and headed out back…..

Unfortunately it was not a Honey Bee….but a female Blue Dasher.047cs

So I started following her round the yard.  She finally landed on the remnants of a jasmine bush.050cs

Once she started posing for me it was hard to stop snapping away.068cs

The light reflecting off her wings show beautiful colors as if thru a prism…but I couldn’t capture it …she’s a pretty little thing though…..081cs

Not as stunning as the Eastern Amberwing I managed to catch last year…(June…Dragonfly?)    but still beautiful.


  1. Lovely shots Carol. She certainly was a poser :)

    No sign of our dragonfly's here yet; but shouldn't be too long.

  2. Lovely series. Their wings are so delicate, aren't they?

  3. Carol, these are terrific photographs!

  4. Excellent pictures.I too have found it hard to catch that iridescence.

  5. These are beautiful shots! I love the wing patterns. One of the hardest things with dragonflies is getting them to pose with a nice background, but this beauty cooperated nicely for you.

  6. Dashing photos! She's a real showoff!

  7. She sure was posing, especially with her tail in the air.


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