Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bringing in the babies 6.8.19

I have a hole in the ground here...I put all my biodegradeables in it.....makes for a lot of worms and the Raccoons dig them up.
 I had just put cucumber peelings in and when I looked out this little Mommy was there with her 2 babies....first time I've seen them.
This is the only picture I got...once she saw me she took them back in the woods...
Last year when the babies started coming in....the Mothers didn't let any of the other Raccoons into their territory.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

First little one of the season. 6.5.16

I have been watching this little Raccoon for awhile. It always looked thinner than the rest. I thought she might have a little one somewhere. It is about that time of year.
Today she brought it out. I couldn't tell if this was the only one but they ventured a little from the tunnel and no other little ones followed.

 What a little cutie...I tossed them a couple of dog bones.
 Now the little one sees me and hides behind Mommy.

The Mother is used to seeing me and doesn't run off.
 Bones are gone...guess it is nap time for the little one.
 There is a tunnel through these weeds...sometimes I see her lying just inside....probably waiting for me to toss her a bone.
 Last year there was a Mother with 4 little with 3 little ones ...another with 2 and another with only 1. When the Mothers and their little ones came here on a regular other Raccoons dared to show up. Anxious to see how many other little guys are hiding out there.