Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Indigo Bunting 4.9.12

This pair of Indigo Buntings has been at the feeders a lot lately. I think they are preparing for migration north. They have a pretty pattern on their wing tips and tail feathers.


This feeder hangs on a cable between two palm trees, which cause it to sway a bit with the breeze. Very hard to focus on them at a distance.


They eat mostly the white millet. I’ve counted at least 2 brightly colored males and 3 brown ones like the one on the R. That could be a female or an adolescent.


They don’t come in as early as the Painted Buntings. I usually see them by November…but the Indigos don’t usually show up until around February. They all seem to leave at the same time. It is so colorful here during the winter…..add several red Cardinals and it can be spectacular.